Proofreading GIRL IN FATHERLAND… Part 4
Fatherland / January 9, 2017

Starting to proofread Part 4 (of Four) of GIRL IN FATHERLAND and the light breaks through. Thank God. Can’t believe the resilience, strength and courage of one child, my protagonist, Lucy. I know they are out there. I know there are lots of them. I’ve met them. I wrote about them. I wrote this book. Reading it, though, it’s still a miracle to see how someone can rise out of such incredible darkness, and remain innocent, strong, believing in the good in people, even.

OUT on 29th of January: “Girl in Fatherland”
Announcements , Fatherland / January 4, 2017

You think a story can’t hurt you? Think again. There are stories which cut us from the inside. Books which, once opened, will never close again and change who we are and what we believe in, forever. Lucy thinks she is an ordinary woman, until Elektra appears in her kitchen, eating, and accusing Lucy of being a vicious killer. Ridiculous, right? Except, Lucy really wants to prove her wrong, and cannot, because, once she thinks about her past, the box of Pandora opens and Lucy learns the true meaning of terror. Terror is, when the monster is you. The first novel in the FATHERLAND series.